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Fashion Tips for Women

Marso 30, 2010

Are women fashion style statement just about wearing women fashion clothing? Every one of us is different and so it’s important that we have a fashion statement that best suits our personality. Fashion is nothing but highlighting the best and hiding all the flaws.

Points all you women wanted to know about clothing

• Always wear a free flowing fabric in one tone to achieve a long and slim look.
• Wear clothes on the basis of your body structure.
• Velvet and leather is apt for winters ( since we don’t have winter here in philly, skip that thought!) and silk, organza and cotton for summers.
• For a morning party opt for lighter shades like emerald green, ocean blue, pink or you could also try out for some trendy pastel colors.
• For late evening occasions opt for vibrant colors that can add sparkling effect to your dressing sense.
• If you are short it would be advisable you avoid wearing short dresses. Rather go for long skirts with a nice fish cut.
• If you are thin avoid wearing sleeveless clothes. It would be advisable to wear dark color clothes as they hide your pale body structure.
• If you have a medium structure you need to wear beige and fawn color clothes.


• If you have a fair complexion, then gold with a blend of copper would just look beautiful.
• If you are medium wheatish colored, then mixed shades of white, beige and bronzy golden would suit your style.
• Dark skin women should wrap themselves with golden copper shades.


• Wear clothes of your own size. Never opt for oversized clothes.
• Be careful while selecting accessories for a wear. Just don’t pick up something for the heck of it. Remember your accessories speak more about you than your clothes.
• Make sure whatever jeweler you wear blends well with your style.



Quezon Escapades

Enero 29, 2010

grossness…fun…near death…freaky…fun


January 4, 2010

5:00 am – I volunteered to travel to Lucena to pick up some stuffs. Mom was kinda hesitant to let me travel alone kasi nga I was drunk pa from brother James birthday. Palibhasa tipsy, kaya matigas ang ulo. Di din naman ako papapigil…

6:00 am / Alabang – I was kinda thinking na parang gusto ko na magbago ng isip to continue the trip. Who the hell in her proper mind nga naman na byabyahe mag isa na medyo may amats pa. But since I was there na, tinuloy ko na lang. Sumakay ako ng aircon bus (another wrong move) not realizing na pwede ako mahilo due to my tipsiness… lmao.

7:30 am / San Pablo – I woke up and felt dizzy. I was about to ask the driver to pull over. I was about to tell him that I need to puke! lmao! Too late, I did puke! ewweee? yes! sobrang gross. Anyway, the bus was quite empty. 5 lang ata kaming passengers. But I cant even dare to look at their faces na lahat ata, nainis na kasi ang baho na ng bus. haha! It was so humiliating that when the conductor came to approach me, ang banat nya sa kin, “lasing ka ba, miss?”. WTF?! We stopped at a nearby gasoline station para lang linisin ung floor ng bus. An old lady from the back seat offered me some orange peels. Amuyin ko daw.  And the guy on the front seat gave me plastics. Just in case I still have PART 2 of my grossness.

***Hindi na ko ulit nakatulog. Aside from hindi na ko inaantok, distracted na ko sa maya’t mayang pagsilip ng conductor and keeps checkin’ kung okay pa ko.

8:30 am – I reached my destination. Lucena City. 🙂
– Nagpababa ako sa gasoline station so I can have coffee and I can fix myself.  Hindi ako pwedeng humarap kina Tita Beth ng wasted. She might tell my Mom. Award winning na naman ako sigurado dun!

9:00 am – Nasa bahay na ko nila Tita Beth. 🙂
– I hide my jacket as soon as i enter the house. She might see my little secrets on it. haha. ( I used the jacket kasi to clean some of sour grossness…hahahah)

10:00 am – Cuz Laine cooked breakfast for me. (Quite improving! lmao! really eager to learn, hehehe)

11:00 am – Cuz Pogz came. 🙂

The rest of the hours? kulitan muna kami. Medyo naulan kasi and we cant go out. Oh! We went to Cuz Viveth nga pala. Para man lang I can say HI. 🙂

6:00 pm – w/ Laine & Pogz, We’re off to Tita Viv’s Hauz. We had dinner and lil kamustahan. Anyway, I loved that barbeque we had for dinner. Isa na siguro un sa babalikan ko dun.

8:00 pm – We went to 7’11 to meet love birds Joy & Demish. Wala sila dun when we came, nasa kabilang street pa since they cant park their car sa meeting place.
– lil how are you’s and then we ride on Demish car to go to Grandstage Bar (am i correct? kinda forget na ata ung name nung bar). Ayan, were 5 heads na. 🙂

The group continue to grew as the night goes on…

– Dezza came ( my partner sa pagbabasag ng Wall Post ni Pogz on Facebook. Hehehe )
– April came with his (yeah, guy xa ^_^) arrived na mala-salbakuta sabi nga ni Laine, hhehehe…
– Jay came with his super cool-cool arrive.
– Last but not the least… Si Joram. hehehe… Parang hindi nya pa nga ako agad nakilala. hahaha…

Inuman to the max na kami. kulitan, asaran. tawanan.

January 5, 2010 ( Midnight )

1:00 am
We decided na to leave. Since the celebration was really a Bon Voyage to Demish. Paalis na kasi xa that time in two days. Demish & Joy rode their car na to go home. But I & the rest of the gang eh medyo buhay na buhay pa ang mga dugo… mga naghahanap pa ng thrill… We rode on Jay’s car (kasya naman kami 7, lol) and pinagplaplanuhan na ang next stop. 🙂
– Pogz suggested na mag coffee na lang kami sa Treats. Since all of us din naman is drunk na.
– I suggests na what if pumunta kami sa Dalahican Beach. Bumili na lang kami ng kape and dun na namin inumin. hehehe…
– Jay suggested na, pumunta na lang kami sa Haunted Hauz sa may Pagbilao, may beach din daw sa backyard nun. Well, malapit lang naman. About haft hour lang naman ang byahe so, maybe okay. Nahati ang opinion ng lahat. May 2 takot. May isang takot pero excited. And the rest, excited talaga. Since it’ll be all our first time na puntahan ang lugar na yun. Well they knew about
it na daw noon pa. Pero wala sila chance na puntahan.

1:30 am
Dumaan muna kami ng treats to buy drinks pa. Well, tig iisa na lang naman na San Mig Lights. A lot of Junkies (puro Lay’s pa ang trip), chocolates & coffee.

On our way to Pagbilao, Sa highway, may na encounter kami na wrecked car. Nagpaikot ikot xa and when it bumped something that made it stopped, the car was dented real good… i wonder kung buhay pa ang pasahero nun. Kakausyoso ata namin kaya hindi na namin napansin that a deluxe bus (the biggest one) was coming through us. kaloka! Only 2 meters away na lang and we’re dead. Kung hindi kami nakasigaw baka hindi magiging aware si Jay na ikabig ang manibela… Well, anyway, kung nabangga kami at nabuhay naman kami, ligtas kami sa investigation. It was the bus na wala sa lane… un nga lang… kung buhay pa kami sa bilis ng salubong sa min nung bus.

And then we enter na ung road to Pagbilao. dun pa lang, freaky na. Pano naman kasi, walang mga bahay. Walang poste. walang kahit na anong sasakyan na dumadaan. kami lang talaga. It was Pogz na nagsilbing tour guide namin dun. Since ang lahat eh, naririnig lang ang tungkol dun, xa lang talaga ang may alam kung saan exactly ang location.

2:00 am
Finally, nakita na namin ung place. There was a sign at the gate na uber luma na, “Calle de Oro”. Signage pa lang, freaky na. Parang ayaw na tuloy namin pumasok. lmao!

– Okay, when we finally had the gall to enter the property, we did. Pinasok na namin and then we saw na nga ung so-called Haunted Hauz na kinatatakutan nga daw don. Anong itsura? Pasado xa na pang horror movie. It was a huge white house. Lumang luma na tinutubuan na ng damo ang buong bahay. But it wasn’t like other old houses na pasado ng ancient. The structure was more
on a modern design, made of stone and painted white, looks like being abandoned a lot of years back. We made an excuse sa mga possible na nakatira dun (na hindi namin nakikita). If ever, just in case. At least, nagpaalam kami. Something like, “tabi-tabi po…makikiraan lang po”.

– The house was on the right side and on the left side was a garden na parang naging gubat. Puro damo and hindi na malinaw ang original landscape. Di man kami mag usap usap, parang nagkaisa na kami na wag ng pumasok sa loob ng bahay. Dumiretso na lang kami sa likod na may open beach. Parang nakikiadya ang panahon sa pannakot, the moon was hiding in thick clouds. As in sobrang dilim that we hardly sees each and everyone. Pagdating namin dun, we noticed na kulang na kami. we were seven na pumunta dun. And then we find out na 5 na lang kami. Concerned, hinanap pa namin ang dalawang nawawala. Si Pogz ni Dezza. Ayaw na namin maghiwa-hiwalay kaya we decided na to hold hands, all of us pabalik sa car. Pagdating sa car, andun silang dalawa. LMAO! Our tour guide pogs might have swallowed his balls. hehhe, ayaw daw nya pumasok. Same with Dezza na kung super kulit sa bar eh tahimik na at hindi na nagsasalita. We convinced them na lang din to enter and made a promise na hindi namin papasukin ang bahay.

2:30 am
We were on the bayside na and tinira na ang bitbit naming beers. Nagkakalokohan ng konti… 🙂 , nagtatakutan… nag-aasaran…

3:30 am
As soon as naubos namin ung tig iisang beer na dala namin, we decided na to go home. Some hesitated pa. Gusto na lang paumaga dun since parang mas freaky na ulit kung mag pa2ssed by pa kami ulit sa bahay. But we had a feeling that we really need to get out of that place na kasi parang hindi na lang kami ang andun and parang pinaaalis na din kami. Then on, we decided na nga na umalis na. When we passed by the house again, we repeated our excuses and when we reached the gate, we said “Thank You” for letting us in. Thankful enough that nothing else happened, we hopped on our rides and leave…

4:30 am
Laine & I were home and I decided to go back in Manila by 5am, hahabulin ko ang 1st trip. 🙂

– Tita Beth was kinda hesitant to let me kasi sabi nya, I need to rest. Pero hindi na din ako nagpapigil. I was kinda, uwing-uwi na and promised her that I can take care of myself (with thoughts on mind na sana nga kaya ko, lmao)

– I phoned up Pogz kung pwede xa bumalik para ihatid ako sa terminal. Hindi naman nya ko kayang tanggihan, he came and I had the 1st trip by 5:00 am.


There are a lot of ways to have fun. Sandaling panahon para maalis ang boredom sa Manila. Makalimutan saglit lahat ng problems. Takasan ang magulong sitwasyon yet, babalikan at babalikan mo din naman…

A very special person asked me, did the trip made me feel okay?

– I guess NO. It made me busy for a while. Had fun. Seeing old faces once again. Happy being with them. And realize, tumakas nga lang ako, wala naman akong nabago. Ganun pa rin ang babalikan ko…

Naisip ko lang, what if natuluyan kami nung bus na mukang wala sa sarili ung driver? Buhay pa kaya kami ngayon? Am I able to write this one and maishare pa sa lahat? Will I still be able to thank all the people who showed their love and care?

Masasabi ko pa ba on them how I loved them and how lucky I am to have them in my life?

At dahil hindi naman kami tinuluyan ng bus,

I still have the chances to tell you guys how much I LOVE YOU.

How lucky I am to have good frends, a loving mom, an adorable kid, a wonderful partner and a life that I still have zillion of seconds to live…

Life is really unpredictable… We will never know what will happen next…

What did I learned?

Live life to the fullest. Always say Thank You and always tell your loved-ones how much you love them… Yeah… as if you’ll die tomorrow… who knows?

Hello world!

Enero 29, 2010

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